Soulfood Music – a forward-looking distribution company sets itself apart with its professional expertise and sensitivity to the market and customer requirements

Success in the music industry requires expertise, consistency and, not least, flexibility, as this sector has gone through a number of extreme and rapid changes during the past ten years.

Founded in 2002, Soulfood Music has developed to become one of Germany’s three largest independent distributors during the most difficult years the industry has experienced so far. With more than 100 labels under on its books and a genre-transcending roster which includes a wide range of musical directions – from metal/rock through pop, urban, re-issue and jazz to world music – Soulfood Music has become a major network in the German music landscape.
Along with CD releases, the Hamburg-based company also offers distribution channels for music and film DVDs, Blu-rays and merchandise.

The fact that Soulfood Music has grown to be one of the largest independent distributors during the most challenging times ever faced in the industry can be put down to the many years of experience its two founders, Georg Schmitz and Jochen Richert, and their team look back on. Between 1990 and 1998, they both worked for the record company, Intercord, before moving on to Edel GmbH, where they were in charge of developing the independent distribution company, Connected. When Soulfood Music was launched in 2002, Schmitz and Richert knew what the industry and the zeitgeist demanded of independent suppliers.

Soulfood Music provides a global distribution network and, alongside classical distribution deals, it offers individually tailored models, keeping abreast of the times and supplying an answer to the changing and increasingly formidable demands of today’s music industry.

Additional services:

  • We can manufacture on the labels’ behalf, using experienced plants (Sony DADC or Optimal)
  • If we manufacture, then we can also administer all mechanical royalty accounting
  • In-house digital sales marketing (world-wide or country by country)
  • We can book and front costs of press advertising, with very favourable rates
  • We have access to a network of trusted, long-term PR companies
  • We have access to a network of booking agencies and tour promoters
  • We can coordinate all PR and marketing
  • In-house graphic design of press ads and CD artwork (if required)

We can offer:

  • Straight distribution deals (fixed unit price or distribution-fee)
  • Press & distribution deals (we front manufacturing costs and mechanicals)
  • Licensing deals (through our affiliated label, AFM)
  • Hybrid License/Distribution deals (fixed monthly royalty per unit sold)

Soulfood Facts:

  • is one of Germany’s top 3 independent distribution companies
  • has over 100 labels on its roster and proven chart experience
  • is celebrating 10 years in business this year
  • distributes all genres from metal, rock, pop, urban, reissue to jazz and world
  • also distributes DVDs and Blu Rays, as well as merchandise
  • distributes directly in Germany & Austria
  • can offer pan-European distribution (incl. Russia and Eastern Europe) via a network of trusted distribution partners
  • can offer world-wide distribution through an extended network of distribution partners
  • is Germany’s biggest distributor with an international set-up
  • can perform digital distribution throughout Europe, or country by country
  • has a long-term agreement with Sony DADC, who perform all warehousing, invoicing, money-collecting and credit control services.
  • is 100% privately owned

Our Hybrid Licensing/Distribution Deal:

Many established acts are tired of signing away all their rights to a major company, and living from one advance to the next.
Furthermore, they have no control over their albums or destinies in Europe.

Our European set-up offers artists a way out of that scenario.
What we are offering is a hybrid license/distribution deal.
We do not license the recordings (those still belong to the artist); we merely license the exclusive right to distribute his/her album over an agreed time period.

We pay a fixed dollar royalty for each unit sold of the album – payable monthly.
At our cost, we manufacture the album in accordance with the artist’s instructions and then distribute the album throughout Europe for the agreed time period.
At our cost, we contract PR and marketing for the album.

So, in effect, under our hybrid license/distribution deal, the artist is the label, and we function as that artist/label’s distribution/logistics/marketing partner in Europe.
After the term of our agreement has finished, the artist can continue with us or move onward; the rights to the album remain his/hers.

The advantages for you and your artist:

  • All European rights remain with the artist/you; you do not need to consult us for instance if you wish to license out single tracks.
  • All neighbouring rights, merchandise rights etc remain yours/the artists.
  • Hence, all revenue from any European activity outside the sale of the album are 100% yours.
  • Due to our monthly sales accounting, there is a constant flow of money to you and your artist on sales of the album.
  • Your artist is in complete artistic control of his/her album, from the first note thru to the finished packaging, our job is to make those ideas physical reality.
  • Through us and our European network, we can offer your artists competent and transparent expertise in PR, marketing, advertising etc.
  • You and your artist can cover the whole of Europe through just one point of contact: your label manager at Soulfood.